RDC Group Ltd was formed in October 2016 to deliver outstanding consulting services to the public sector in New Zealand and overseas. We are passionate about creating value and working with leaders of organisations to develop high performing teams and strategies to solve problems or meet difficult challenges. We make a difference through our work in helping organisations be more efficient and effective in providing services to New Zealanders.

All Directors and Associates have worked in the New Zealand and/or Australian public service for many years, most in senior leadership roles.  We understand the challenges leaders and public sector organisations face and we use our experience to deliver innovative solutions to difficult problems.

The wide range of assignments the Group has undertaken to date reflects the diverse experience and skills we are able to offer our clients and the networked nature of our operating model. We can call upon a network of experienced, specialist consultants which enables us to provide the right mix of expertise to deliver on our clients' outcomes.

Our Logo

You may be interested in why RDC Group has Ti Kouka (the cabbage tree) as its logo. Well, it's a very distinctive NZ symbol that we feel reflects who we are. To start with they tend to grow in groups rather than alone - this represents our business model of working with talented consultants and associates to provide a better service and product to our clients. It's also very adaptable and versatile (just like our RDC people!) as it has multiple uses. Did you know it has been used as a source of food, for medicinal reasons and to weave baskets, sandals and rain capes? Its ability to store water and endure harsh growing conditions represents resilience - a quality we think is really important in our people.

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